Celebrating 25 Years of Fluid Management



A Note from our Founder & President, Chris Couper

2018 marks Liquidyne’s 25th Anniversary; a milestone that has me reflecting on our last quarter century of business. In 1993, with a background in Bioengineering, I left the lab world to create solutions to issues in fluid handling and measurement which I had experienced. I was now supporting the very people I worked with! There was a lack of customized solutions in the marketplace so I set to work collaborating with suppliers and customers to redefine how fluid management and handling products were created. Liquidyne launched that year and thanks to the blossoming field of biotech, we quickly grew out of my garage and into a new facility.

Pumps, Valves, Tubing, Hoses and a Clean Room All Under One Roof

In 2004, Liquidyne acquired our first company which allowed s to purchase a larger facility. Under one roof, we could now offer fluid transfer design, custom tanking, and a variety of sanitary products to get fluids from point A to point B including pumpsvalvestubinghoses and instruments to provide valuable data.

As our product lines grew and Liquidyne became a go-to company for integrated solutions we realized many of our customers could benefit by using custom tube sets and kitting of parts built in a Class 10,000 production room.

Our clean room — the first in the Rocky Mountain Region — was 3rd party tested and certified and up and running by January 2007. This has allowed us to service requests for custom designs in single-use/disposable products increasing our understanding and capacity to support our custom processes.
High Expectations and The Highest Level of Quality

The funny thing is, once we grew to this level, the expectations we placed on ourselves also grew — and it’s all about quality. We’ve hired a Quality Manager and refreshed our Quality Management System. I’m proud to report that in November 2017 we were awarded our certification of having a QMS compliant to ISO9001:2015.

It is our promise that we will provide the very best level of service to each and every prospect and customer. Whether you already know us or want to get to know us, we are here for you.

Thanks to each and every past and present employee and customer, I look forward to the next 25 years!