Ready To Pump Out Better Results?


Meet Quattroflow’s new QF30SU and EZ-Set Pump Chamber Replacing System

Quattroflow™ recently released two new products to help you achieve your fluid handling needs. Learn more about these new releases here and contact your Liquidyne rep for product and ordering information.

The QF30SU is the new tool for your chromatography, TFF and virus filtration needs. This low flow (1 mlpm) single-use diaphragm pump is retrofittable on QF150 drives, has linear flow performance and 500:1 turn-down ratio.

Next up, the upgraded Quattroflow EZ-Set Pump Chamber Replacing System allows you to replace your single-use pump chamber in 30 seconds or less without the use of special tools or torque wrenches. Available now for new pumps by adding “EZ” to the pump code or for existing standard Quattroflow single-use pumps by replacing the pump chamber, pressure plate and shaft bearing kit.

Contact us to learn more about these new products from Quattroflow and other top-of-the-line tools for your fluid transfer needs.