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Liquidyne is a leader in multi-use and single-use fluid handling solutions that are built on experience, leadership and quality initiatives. We provide the highest quality in products, solutions and customer service offering you a commitment unsurpassed and a process solution designed to meet your most stringent requirements.

Meet our Team

Chris Couper
In 1993, Chris founded Liquidyne and since then has been involved with manufacturers and customers working to provide solutions for fluid transfer, measurement, and control challenges. Chris earned a B.A. in biology from Washington University in St. Louis. He worked as a scientist in academia and later at a pharmaceutical manufacturer. He later joined a South San Francisco manufacturer and distributor of purification skids in the role of Technical Sales and later management. Currently, as President, he enjoys personal interactions with his team and business partners, working on strategic leadership and problem-solving. If not at the office, he can be found at home with his family and animals, in an ice rink or golf course, or serving on the advisory board for local companies.

Dave Couper
Dave Couper manages the business development activities at Liquidyne. He is also responsible for the quality management oversight of the Design Group for Single-Use and in-house fabrication for new product development and document systems. As a member of Liquidyne’s ISO9001:2015 Quality Management Systems team, Dave provides guidance within each area of Liquidyne’s business. Previous to Liquidyne Dave has developed several startup companies providing operational, financial, and product development leadership taking several companies globally. It is this drive that he shares to support the work of Liquidyne’s customers.

Dave continues his passion to support and innovate in our Life Sciences markets. He has spent several years on the board of the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers Board, Rocky Mountain Chapter, currently serving as Secretary.

Holly Carlson
With over a decade in the industry, Holly currently supports Liquidyne and our customers as the Operations and Customer Service Manager. She came to Liquidyne with a B.A. in Business Administration. She works passionately with our Operations and Quality teams and is instrumental in maintaining Customer satisfaction. Her love of and desire to help people are her greatest assets.

Holly is instrumental in maintaining quality standards and managing our cleanroom operations. Holly enjoys hiking in beautiful Colorado outdoors and is passionate about the game of tennis.

Sylvie Harlan
Sylvie has been involved with quality control for more than 30 years. She has an M.Sc in Management from the University of Montreal. She wrote a thesis on the subject of quality and interned during her studies in Japan with the Japanese (TC176) ISO 9001 Committee. Sylvie is very involved in sharing her passion for quality in different forums. She has been the Quality Manager for Liquidyne since 2016. In parallel, Sylvie performs Internal and Registrar ISO 9001 and 13485 audits as she likes to remain abreast of the best practices, risks, and changes in industries.

Bryan Boettiger
Bryan joins the Liquidyne team to help support the continued growth of the company.  His 20+ years of founding and growing an award-winning marketing agency which he sold in 2018 add another strong team member to an already experienced staff.  Bryan has been tasked with focusing on overall business health as it relates to Customer Experience.  This includes all internal and external customer touchpoints.  His experience in operations, sales, and marketing will contribute to enhancing an already strong foundation at Liquidyne.  


Kylee Scardello

Customer Service

Seth Staggs
Nathan Trujillo


Tom Weller
Melea Barahona

Warehouse Operations

Chad Bozic

Cleanroom/Hose Fabrication Lead

Guy Ross

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