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Fluid Measurement and Control for the Biopharma Industry

When precision and quality matter most, Liquidyne is the supplier trusted with the high-purity fluid handling needs of the Biopharma industry for more than 23 years.

At Liquidyne, we prioritize our commitment to quality and consistency. In 2017 we achieved ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certification to ensure we can repeatedly deliver consistent high quality products. Being an ISO 9001 facility, together with our USP class VI Testing and ASME Bioprocessing Equipment (BPE) and EHEDG certification guarantee we have the methodologies in place to assure quality and are able to quickly and accurately rectify any issues if any of our products are ever in non-conformance.

We specialize in providing everything from high-quality single-use equipment, including tubing, connectors, valves and pumps — to full-service design of complex, high-purity systems.

Whether you’re looking to optimize your process flow, need custom single-use assemblies, improve purity standards, find hard-to-get products, or plan a modern, efficient design to grow your operations, our biopharma liquid handling experts are here to guide you.

Biopharma Specific Single-Use Liquid Flow Control Systems

On-Site Clean Room Manufacturing

Liquidyne offers a wide range of disposable and single-use systems produced in the only state-of-the-art, certified clean room in the State of Colorado.

Our cleanroom is a modular unit comprising an ISO 8 transfer area into an ISO 7 production area. It’s also environmentally monitored in compliance with the ISO standards and our other internal quality standards. These controls ensure our ability to control the particulate and microorganisms present on the product. This is critical in supporting customer needs as well as the progress toward sterilization validation. The validation of the sterilization process helps support customer needs for sterile single use custom assemblies.

We can provide you with modular, pre-assembled and gamma-irradiated single-use systems that are closed, sterile, and ready-to-use.

Full-Service Biopharma High-Purity Parts & Equipment

Products for All of Your Liquid Flow Management Needs

Our stringent selection criteria leads us to partner with only the best suppliers to provide you with products for biopharma liquid flow control that have proven reliability. Our products support a wide range of biopharma workflows and manufacturing, primarily focusing on upstream processing.

Gene and Cell Therapies Workflow Solutions
Monoclonal Antibody Bioprocessing Performance
Vaccine Process Development and Manufacturing
Process Development and Manufacturing of Blood & Plasma
Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADC) Manufacturing

With our dependable inventory, organizational expertise and in-house clean room services, we help speed your time to market and lower ownership costs. Explore some of our products and systems for biopharma liquid flow control:

Peristaltic and diaphragm metering pumps for your fluid movement needs.
Monitoring and control for your biopharma manufacturing processes.
Efficient, high fidelity piping systems to increase yield, throughput, reliability and profitability.
Reliable, quality, precision tools for all your testing, quality control, analysis and Raman spectroscopy requirements.
Eliminate cleaning and cleaning validation requirements while optimizing process efficiency.

To explore our full range of product offerings for Biopharma and life sciences, view our line card.

Satisfied Customers

“We want to thank you again for responding to our needs and urgency to keep our equipment and validation timeline on schedule. We are working to a very aggressive schedule to meet patient demands and I continue to verbally express how Liquidyne comes through for us when other sources have not. I’m looking forward to our continued partnership with Liquidyne.”
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Our reputation for quick, responsive and knowledgeable service, means you can count on us to provide intelligently engineered solutions for all of your fluid handling needs. Contact us today for a free consultation and begin improving your process flow today.

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Case Studies: Biopharma Liquid Flow Control Solutions in Action

Liquidyne has worked with premier manufacturers in the biopharma industry to provide expert assistance on managing supply issues, reengineering and custom building solutions, designing high-purity systems and everything in between.

When one of our clients needed to scale their operations to a new commercial facility, they turned to Liquidyne. Read more about how we collaborated with this growing food technology company and their engineering firm to design and build a custom, high-purity system.
Cytiva was losing time, product and money when a pump in their operations wasn’t fully draining, leaving excess media behind. Liquidyne partnered with Quattroflow and Jacobs Engineering to design and implement a solution that would get Cytiva back on track.
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