Liquid Flow Control Process Use Case


Case Studies: Biopharma Liquid Flow Control Solutions in Action

Liquidyne has worked with premier manufacturers in the biopharma industry to provide expert assistance on managing supply issues, reengineering and custom building solutions, designing high-purity systems and everything in between. Explore the case studies below to see how we help our clients pump out better results.

When one of our clients needed to scale their operations to a new commercial facility, they turned to Liquidyne. Read more about how we collaborated with this growing food technology company and their engineering firm to design and build a custom, high-purity system.
Cytiva was losing time, product and money when a pump in their operations wasn’t fully draining, leaving excess media behind. Liquidyne partnered with Quattroflow and Jacobs Engineering to design and implement a solution that would get Cytiva back on track.

MycoTechnology: Scaling the Future of Food Technology

MycoTechnology is a food technology company with novel approaches to solving big challenges in the food industry. Two of their flagship products, ClearTaste™ and PureTaste™ provide the world’s first organic taste modulator and a new gold standard in alternative protein, respectively. Their products provide more cost-efficient, healthier, and more sustainable solutions to both manufacturers and consumers.

Providing products with such universal benefits, Myco found themselves outgrowing their initial research and development facility within a year of launching. Navigating so much rapid growth, they reached out to Liquidyne to help them solve some supplier issues.

We Lead With Our Expertise

With more than two decades in the fluid control and management business, Liquidyne prides itself on having strong relationships with trusted suppliers. As we worked with Myco to solve their supply issues, we also began offering advice on their new facility plans. Our support for their current operating plant grew along with our relationship. Soon we were assisting with their plans for commercial production.

At Liquidyne, our commitment to your success doesn’t end when you receive your fluid management supplies. As Myco began planning their new facility, we brought in our factory national managers to educate their team on sensors, valves, pumps, hoses and other vital components to their process.

Coordinating the design and execution of a complex, high-purity system is a major undertaking. We collaborated closely with their engineering firm, CRB, to ensure both budget and technology performance of the new facility would be in spec.

A Foundation for Continued Success

Today, MycoTechnology is active in their new facility after a successful launch of their new plant. They work with some of the largest companies in the world, using their technology to help solve some of the toughest challenges faced by several industries.

Liquidyne remains an enduring and trusted source of equipment and knowledge for the company. We’re proud to provide Myco with service for parts originally sold, change orders and our ongoing expertise on fluid handling and management.

Explore Components Included in Myco’s Facility

Cytiva: Production Efficiencies with Fluid Handling Solutions

Cytiva is a global provider of technologies and services that help advance and accelerate the development and manufacture of therapeutics. Previously GE Healthcare Life Sciences, Cytiva operates in 40 countries and is part of the Danaher Corporation Life Sciences platform.

Cytiva was experiencing a loss of product, efficiency and revenue when their horizontal setup of the Quattroflow QF20K pump was leaving media in their pumping process. Excess media is unutilized product that equates to product loss. Cytiva was also losing time and money by having to clean the pump with something acidic every cycle. Cytiva was in need of a completely drainable pump in their manufacturing process.

Innovative Fluid Handling Solutions

In search of a solution, Cytiva partnered with Liquidyne for an innovative fluid handling solution. Liquidyne collaborated with Quattroflow, the pump manufacturer, and Jacobs Engineering to design modifications to the QF20k pump Cytiva needed without the residual media.

To fit the equipment in the existing facility and within the existing system, Liquidyne had to assess the load balancing requirements of the pump and the three-dimensional footprint of the space. In order to provide a pumping process that left no media behind, the motor of the pump was reengineered to remain horizontal to the ground while the pump itself was positioned vertically to ensure head clearance.

More Efficient Biopharma Operations

The newly engineered fully drainable pump allowed Cytiva to get its operations back on track. Residual media decreased in the pump and clean in place (CIP) fluid could be fully drained between cycles.

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