Single Use/Disposables


Single-Use Systems & Disposable Products

Exclusive In-House Clean Room

Liquidyne offers a wide range of disposable and single-use systems produced in the only state-of-the-art, certified clean room in the State of Colorado. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies currently use disposable technologies in their manufacturing process because of the benefits the systems provide, including:

  • Faster time-to-market with quicker build and validation of facilities
  • Lower costs with reduced capital investments
  • Less risk of cross-contamination
  • Optimized process efficiency
  • Elimination of cleaning and cleaning validation requirements
  • Higher throughputs with faster turnaround times
  • Reduced plant complexity

We can provide you with modular, pre-assembled and gamma-irradiated single-use systems that are closed, sterile, and ready-to-use. With our direct access to the industry’s best suppliers and our in-house clean room services, we help speed your time to market and lower ownership costs.

Quality. Responsiveness. Certified Clean.

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