Saint Gobain Change Notice: Extruded Platinum Cured Tubing – ID, OD and/or Wall measurement equipment change


Scope of Change:

Product names and item numbers will not change. The affected parts number are: SG Beaverton Part# All SG Beaverton Platinum Cured extruded finished goods and all finished goods containing Platinum Cured extruded product that are 0.9” diameter OD or smaller are within scope of this change.

Not in Scope:

Any platinum cured tubing that is 0.9” larger in diameter will not be in scope in this change.

Change Description:

Saint-Gobain Beaverton (SGB) is in the process of revising how the ID, OD and/or Wall of extruded platinum cured tubing is measured. Currently, the ID, OD and/or Wall measurements within the Extrusion and Packaging departments are measured using Optical Comparators. Keyence IM-7020 measurement devices will replace the existing Optical Comparators.

Change Impact / Risk Assessment:

Risk is low:

  •  There is no potential impact on the validated state of ID, OD and/or Wall measurements.
  • There is no potential impact on regulatory filings.
  • There is no potential impact on production or product quality.
  • There is no potential impact to environmental, health and safety. Implementation Date: SGB is proposing to implement the Keyence IM-7020 measurement devices to replace the existing Optical Comparators in the Extrusion and Packaging departments by the end of Q3-2020.

Next Steps:

Please take this opportunity to contact the Customer Service Team or your Saint-Gobain District Sales Manager should you have any questions / concerns.

John A. Steichen Quality Engineer Saint-Gobain, Beaverton, MI