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Liquidyne Continues its Biotech Distribution Expansion in Texas with PSGdover

Wheat Ridge, CO - Liquidyne Process Technologies, Inc announces the addition of Texas to its distribution agreement with PSG for their Quattroflow quaternary diaphragm pumps and em-tec bioprocessing sensor systems.  

On the back of an award-winning partnership with PSG that started in 2018, Liquidyne Process Technologies, Inc. has today announced its distribution expansion into Texas, USA. Liquidyne is a leading distributor of single-use and sanitary/high purity process equipment for fluid transfer, measurement, and control for OEM, End-users, Resellers, & Contractors.   

Derrick Alig, Sales Manager – Western USA/Canada – PSG, said “I am excited to have the team at Liquidyne Process Technologies represent our best-in-class biotech products in the great state of Texas. Liquidyne excels in its current Rocky Mountain region while going above and beyond. As the company has added an experienced local technical sales team in Texas, I can only imagine the top-notch technical support and exemplary customer service they will provide Texas biotech customers. “ 

The new expansion of distribution follows the announcement made in late 2021 that Liquidyne had been chosen to distribute Agilitech's biomanufacturing equipment. Agilitech is a pioneering partner in biotech and provides state-of-the-art equipment for labs, full-scale manufacturing, as well as innovative bioprocess engineering services. The initial partnership was hugely successful in promoting Agilitech's Flexible Single-use Bioprocessing Systems for end-users. 

Chris Couper, President of Liquidyne, said that "we are excited to expand our partnership with PSG, and provide our market-leading brands for Texas' biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Our customers have already praised the best-in-class Quattroflow quaternary pump, a popular choice for critical biopharma applications. PSG was attracted by Liquidyne's unparalleled portfolio of complementary component brands and categories. Our Texas sales team was also a significant attraction. PSG is a well-known brand that is strong and durable. It is also known for its high-quality products and reliability. Liquidyne is excited to have this market leading brand offer its entire range of single-use & multi-use pumps, flow sensors, single-use fittings, and connectors. 

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About Liquidyne Process Technologies, Inc  

Liquidyne Process Technologies, Inc is a leader in single-use technology and sanitary process equipment for fluid transfer, measurement, and control. The company helps its customers keep their fluid transfer process clean, modern, efficient, and running smoothly. It also provides custom fabricated assemblies and distributed products, including single-use components, tubing, hoses, stainless, mixers, valves, pumps, and more. Liquidyne Process Technologies, Inc. is industry renowned for providing intelligently engineered solutions for sanitary process equipment, fluid handling, and quick, responsive, and knowledgeable service. 

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