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Chris Couper 


In 1993, Chris founded Liquidyne and has been involved with manufacturers and customers working to provide solutions for fluid transfer, measurement, and control challenges. Chris earned a B.A. in biology from Washington University in St. Louis. He worked as a scientist in academia and later at a pharmaceutical manufacturer. He later joined a South San Francisco manufacturer and distributor of purification skids in technical sales and later management. As president, he enjoys personal interactions with his team and business partners, working on strategic leadership and problem-solving. If not at the office, he can be found at home with his family and animals, in an ice rink or golf course, or serving on the local companies' advisory board.

Bryan Boettiger

Chief Experience Officer

Bryan joins the Liquidyne team to help support the continued growth of the company. His 20+ years of founding and growing an award-winning marketing agency that he sold in 2018 added another vital team member to an already experienced staff. Bryan has been tasked with focusing on overall business health as it relates to Customer Experience. This includes all internal and external customer touchpoints. His operations, sales, and marketing experience will enhance an already strong foundation at Liquidyne.

Dave Couper 

Business Development Director

Dave Couper manages the business development activities at Liquidyne. He is also responsible for the quality management oversight of the Design Group for Single-Use and in-house fabrication for new product development and document systems. As a Liquidyne's ISO9001:2015 Quality Management Systems team member, Dave guides within each area of Liquidyne's business. At Liquidyne, Dave has developed several startup companies providing operational, financial, and product development leadership, taking several companies globally. It is this drive that he shares to support the work of Liquidyne's customers.

Seth Staggs 

Customer Service Manager

Seth Staggs is part of Liquidyne's Customer Service Relations team. In his role as a CSR Manager, Seth wears many hats, all of which are designed to develop and maintain stable, lasting relationships. From growing and teaching his team, generating quotes, managing projects, and acting as a liaison between suppliers and the customer, Seth's number, one priority is customer satisfaction and project success. He is passionate about people and solutions and takes pride in his work. Before working at Liquidyne, Seth has held roles as a manager, supervisor, and field consultant in several industries, including key customer service roles with major pharmaceutical industry players. By taking the time to listen, learn, and truly understand the unique needs of different customers and projects, Seth can coordinate with the internal sales team to create solutions that go above and beyond. Those close-knit relationships are what makes going the extra mile possible.

Crystal Hatcher


Crystal Hatcher is a member of Liquidyne’s Customer Relations team. In her role as a CSR II, Crystal thrives on building and nurturing lasting customer relationships. Crystal prides herself on the details and ensuring that Liquidyne’s customers get what they need to solve and grow their business. Crystal has over ten years of customer service experience across multiple industries, including Life Sciences and Construction. Outside the office, Crystal is a sports lover and car enthusiast and enjoys the outdoors of Colorado.

Holli Mulholland


Holli Mulholland is a member of Liquidyne’s Customer Relations team. Holli recently received her bachelor’s degree in Biology with a Psychology minor. Holli has a well-rounded work history that has all focused on helping people. As a CSR II, she loves the daily opportunities to support Liquidyne’s customers and work alongside the Liqduiyne team to help make life better for all. Holli enjoys gardening, reading, cooking, and spending time with her family in her spare time.

Sylvie Harlan 

Quality Manager 

Sylvie has been involved with quality control for more than 30 years. She has an M.Sc in Management from the University of Montreal. She wrote a thesis on quality and interned during her studies in Japan with the Japanese (TC176) ISO 9001 Committee. Sylvie is very involved in sharing her passion for quality in different forums. She has been the Quality Manager for Liquidyne since 2016. In parallel, Sylvie performs Internal and Registrar ISO 9001 and 13485 audits as she likes to remain abreast of the best practices, risks, and changes in industries.

Sara Garton

QA/QC Associate

Sara Garton is a member of the Liquidyne Quality Team. As QA/QC Associate, Sara works alongside the Quality Manager to ensure Liquidyne provides best-in-class service, products, and processes to its customers and partners. Sara received her B.S. in Biology from Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. Shortly after graduation, she began working in a quality role and developed a passion for quality improvement efforts. Sara became a member of the American Society for Quality and has held various quality positions across several industries over the past ten years. Sara's passions are continuous process improvement, problem-solving, data analysis, and asking many questions. Outside of the office, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, trail running, reading, and a good game of Scrabble.

Tom Weller 

Technical Sales Representative

Tom Weller holds a Senior Sales Representative role with Liquidyne. He primarily supports pharmaceutical and food and beverage customers, expanding business and creating and maintaining relationships. From his humble roots as a metal finisher in a stainless-steel filter housing manufacturing plant, Tom has worked his way up to senior sales through various customer service and sales roles. With over 25 years of industry experience, Tom brings valuable expertise to every interaction. He is passionate about success, both for Liquidyne and all our customers. The longer and more complicated the project, for Tom, the more rewarding it is. Tom also takes a very hands-on approach to his relationships. From meeting customers in person (when possible), supporting their needs and ensuring deadlines are met, to personally solving any problems that arise, Tom is genuinely invested in every customer and project.

Evan Ottenweller

Technical Sales Representative

Evan Ottenweller is part of the expert sales team at Liqudyne. As a Technical Sales Representative, Evan uses his years of experience in the pharmaceutical, biotech and biopharmaceutical world to provide honest guidance to his customers. He values building relationships and has a balanced view of the sales cycle. Before coming to Liquidyne Evan operated directly in a pharmaceutical lab, held a position as a field services engineer, worked in customer service, and was promoted to a sales role. This varied expertise makes Evan a relatable, knowledgeable, and valuable member of the Liquidyne team. He understands the inner workings of both maintaining a positive customer relationship and interacting with the technical side of the business. Outside of work, Evan loves dogs, especially his mini goldendoodle named Cru, and enjoys spending time in nature. You can find him snowboarding, boating, wakeboarding, or doing anything in the great outdoors.

Chris Griswold

Warehouse Supervisor

Chris Griswold is Liquidyne's Warehouse Supervisor. Chris has nearly 30 years in the warehouse environment, where he's refined his skills in delivering consistency in an often-fickle environment. Liquidyne prides itself on having a clean and orderly warehouse, and Chris leads the way in keeping products moving and delivering our customers' products with care. Chris enjoys the warehouse environment's fluidity and the hands-on nature of the role. Chris likes spending time with his family of felines, and wife, reading books and venturing outdoors in his spare time.

Guy Ross 

Cleanroom/Hose Fabrication Lead 

Guy Ross is a crucial part of Liquidyne's team as our Cleanroom/Hose Fabrication Lead. Working mainly with custom orders, Guy spends most of his time in the cleanroom building assemblies and fabricating different hoses. This process requires specific expertise for each industry and application. Guy takes the time to understand the requirements and quality standards for each build. He enjoys the intricacies and technicalities involved with creating a product that meets customer needs and stands up to stringent quality standards. Before joining Liquidyne, Guy worked for himself doing remodeling, home maintenance, and installing commercial equipment. That technical knowledge, natural talent for building, and entrepreneurial spirit serve Guy well in his current role. He is a hard worker and a self-starter who is always up for a challenge. Being a part of the positive, dedicated Liquidyne team is one of Guy's favorite aspects of his work.