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Single-Use Technology

    Custom Single-use Technology Systems

Single-use System (SUS) Solutions

Liquidyne specializes in designing and implementing single-use solutions to the Biotech and Pharmaceutical industries with an emphasis on "performance with value". With our "Process Perfected" framework we're able to boost your process and ensure process optimization. (1) DISCOVER: A clear understanding of your process and project are paramount to a successful assembly. Our team of process experts will work to decipher and optimize all your requirements including timeline and budget. (2) DESIGN: The design team will utilize the discovery requirements to produce 2D CAD drawings for review and sign-off. (3) DEVELOP: SUT parts are then acquired for assembly and development of prototype, small batch, or production. Our quality management ensures consistency. (4) DELIVER: We pride ourselves on meeting your delivery requirements and are proud to report a 99.8% success rate. Our dependability contributes to your bottom line and is just another reason Liquidyne is the go to partner for your single-use assembly needs.

Single-Use Assemblies

Single-Use Assemblies

Single-use assemblies are designed to meet customer specifications. They typically include a tube set and auxiliary components such as a pump chamber, pressure instrumentation, or flow measurement equipment. Manufactured in our Certified ISO 14644 Class 7 Cleanroom, these assemblies can be easily replaced and do not require any cleaning, simply replace the assembly when it’s time to change batches.

Single-use Tube Sets

Single-use Tube Sets

Single-use tube sets are a no-hassle solution for costly clean-in-place tube assemblies. These assemblies include both tubing and fittings that connect directly into an existing process. As with the single-use assemblies, tube sets do not require cleaning or maintenance, they are designed to be replaced after each use. This enhances batch quality and purity while reducing downtime and cleaning costs.

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