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Working at Liquidyne

Interested in working with industry experts who are solutionists, committed to a positive customer experience? If so, Liquidyne is the place to be. We pride ourselves on bringing high-quality products and custom solutions to our manufacturing clients and customers. As a team of dedicated, innovative professionals we work together, taking a multi-pronged approach to improve and optimize a variety of manufacturing processes across a range of industries. From supplying our customers with best-in-class equipment to creating and fabricating custom assemblies, we are dedicated to customer success and we have fun building relationships, making connections, and seeing our work make a difference in our clients’ manufacturing processes.


At Liquidyne we believe that work should be more than what you do from 9-5, it should bring you a sense of satisfaction and tap into your passion for finding solutions and building something that makes lives better. We bring that passion into everything we do and we believe that it’s an essential piece of what makes us a great team.


Liquidyne places a strong emphasis on embracing the ways in which each employee’s contribution to the team is vital. We are always looking to continually grow and improve, learning and innovating in order to bring the highest quality service and support to our customers. Our employees take pride in the work they do and the impact they make.


We believe that the best employee is, at their core, a problem solver. Our multi-disciplinary team makes sure to take the time to understand our customers’ needs, create thoughtful solutions, evaluate and iterate as needed and present a clear pathway to success. A Liquidyne solutionist views challenges as opportunities and isn’t afraid to learn something new to create something amazing.


Dedication and passion should naturally lead to a fun, productive, energetic workspace. We believe that what makes our employees unique is what makes us better as a company. Liquidyne values a sense of connection and camaraderie and we strive to create a healthy environment where our employees can thrive as happy and fulfilled individuals and team members.

Open Positions

QA/QC Associate

Are you looking for a role as a Quality Assurance / Quality Control Associate in Life Sciences? We're looking for a full-time QA/QC Associate to work in our Wheat Ridge, CO office. If you have 3-5 years working in this or a similar role we're interested in meeting you. Learn MoreMore Info

Cleanroom/Warehouse Support

We are currently seeking a Cleanroom Technician – Warehouse Associate to be part of a team working to help make life better by distributing and fabricating lifesaving technologies to the biotech industry. Includes working between our Class 7 Cleanroom and supporting our warehouse by preparing orders for delivery, pulling products, documentation, packaging, shipping, and inventory control. Learn MoreMore Info

Technical Sales Engineer

In line with our continued focus on growth and success, we are currently looking for a seasoned Technical Sales Engineer to identify and implement sales strategies to grow Liquidyne's business. The successful candidate must be versed in bioprocess engineering and be a sales-oriented person with a proven track record of successfully selling to our core market of Life Sciences with a focus on Biopharma. Learn MoreMore Info

Perks & Benefits

At Liquidyne, we do our best to practice our core values on a daily basis, both with our customers and our team members. We believe that a major part of what we do is making lives better, and it’s important that our perks and benefits are aligned with that goal. All of the programs we provide support our team members during their work day, on their days off, and in the middle of life’s challenges. By focusing on creating a balance for our staff we know that we are also creating an environment in which everyone can flourish and grow while doing work they are proud of.

Health, Dental, & Vision

Healthcare coverage shouldn’t be something to stress about. Our health, dental and vision benefits are 100% free to our team members. We also offer low-cost premiums for significant others and children.

Paid Time Off

Work-life balance starts with the ability to take time away. In order to support this balance, we offer 10 days off and 5 sick days, in addition to 10 paid, company holidays per year.

Career Planning

Each of our team members is involved in an ongoing conversation around their career goals. Our goal is to provide opportunities for growth that are mutually beneficial and lead to long-term success.

Growth & Learning

Liquidyne believes that continued learning is the cornerstone of success. We provide a range of programs to help our staff gain further expertise and to develop as professionals and individuals.

Giving Back Days

As a company that cares about the success of our team and our customers, we are also dedicated to giving back to our community. We participate in 2-3 community outreach opportunities each year.

Team Building

A strong team is built on shared experiences, both inside and outside the office. In order to create these experiences, Liquidyne invites all staff to participate in team picnics, dinners, sporting events and more.