*NEW* SAINT GOBAIN - Single-Use Bioprocess Bags - 50mL to 20L

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Liquidyne works within a variety of industries as a leader in providing sanitary equipment for applications in life sciences, dairy, cannabis, food and beverage and more. We partner with the top brands and manufacturers, distributing high quality products and equipment. We also fabricate custom hoses and assemblies in our Certified ISO 14644 Class 7 Cleanroom.

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With more than three decades of industry expertise, Liquidyne continues to prioritize customer success. Our services are built to optimize and enhance processes and operational excellence. In addition to our custom engineering and fabrication programs we also provide several on-site and remote services such as inventory management and full-cylce equipment audits.

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By partnering with industry leading manufacturers, Liquidyne provides high quality equipment for all customer applications. From sanitary pumps to single use and multi-use hose assemblies, drumquick dispensing systems, process control and data analytics equipment, clamps, valves, fittings, connectors and mixers, Liquidyne has the equipment to meet all of our customers’ manufacturing needs.

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Liquidyne believes that excellence starts from within. Our team of passionate experts takes pride in our work, providing friendly expertise and a solutionist approach to customer support. We are committed to helping our customers grow and succeed through a range of products and services. By centering and understanding each customer’s unique requirements and challenges we can provide solutions, rather than simply selling products.

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