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Agilitech Introduces New Single-use Mixers for Bioprocessing

Agilitech has introduced a complete line of single-use mixers with a brand-agnostic design and unmatched flexibility. Customers don't have to choose a vendor for single-use bags or other components. This flexibility in sourcing is crucial given recent supply chain issues with single-use technology.

Agilitech's Chief Innovation Officer Phil Sanders said, "Agilitech is focused on providing tailored solutions for each customer. This new line of single-use mixers aligns with this approach. It includes models from 10 L to mix small volumes and highly concentrated samples up to 650L for large-scale production. We are excited to offer these mixers in our expanding single-use technology line and to provide our customers with a solution for almost every step of their bioprocess".

Agilitech single-use mixers have a unique motor built-in that allows for manual control and easy integration via Ethernet I/P Connect with the customer's preferred automation or control system.

Customers can choose from DeltaV, Rockwell Automation, or another platform to automate their control. The mixer can be integrated into the customer's control systems, allowing easy operation with other connected devices.

Single-use mixer bags are customizable to suit the customers' specific requirements. This includes inlets, outlets, and sample ports. You can also add analytical measurements like pH, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen.

Agilitech Single-Use Mixers include more benefits such as low-shear mixing with Levitronix, MagLev Mixers, and built-in load cell for monitoring the solution's weight, Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD), and durable stainless-steel construction. For more information, customers interested in Agilitech Single-Use Mixers should call Liquidyne Process Technologies, Inc.

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