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Skunk the Competition, Not Your Beer

Mettler Toledo’s new InTap Portable DO Sensor offers extremely high measurement, accuracy and long term stability at trace levels DO.

Keeping oxygen out of your beer is key to maintaining your brew’s quality and flavor. Optical dissolved oxygen measurement technology is your first line of defense against unwelcome oxygen and preventing your beer from being “skunked”. The new InTap portable analyzer with an internal optical DO sensor from Mettler Toledo is designed for at-line measurement of beer during or after filtration and prior to filling. It is also the perfect reference instrument for calibrating installed in-line optical DO sensors that measure at the lowest oxygen ranges.

For mid-size breweries, InTap can support the transition from off-line DO measurement to in-line measurement, with a portable, lower-cost system.

  • Accurate calibration reference or temporary replacement system 
  • Simple, touchscreen operation
  • Robust design and easy maintenance
  • Convenient and Flexible DO Monitoring and Calibration
  • Prevents Human Error in On-Line Sensor Calibration
  • Measurement Point Tracking Simplifies Documentation

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