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Work in Biopharma? Why You Should Adopt Single-use Assemblies & Technology

The adoption of single-use assemblies and technology in life sciences has skyrocketed in the past decade and most projections of the industry don’t predict a slowdown in that growth any time soon. In fact, the global market for single-use technology is projected to grow from $2.74 billion in 2017 to $13.23 billion by 2026.

Why is there such a growing demand for single-use solutions in life sciences operations?  “One thing we know we can point to are advances in single-use technology,” says Chris Couper, President, and founder of Liquidyne. “Single-use tubing and filters have been available for several years. Advances in those products, and the development of single-use solutions in other parts of the manufacturing process– like pumping solutions and bioreactors– have greatly sped adoption.”
The benefits of single-use solutions to life sciences manufacturers come down to considerations of cost, time, quality, and manufacturing size.

Cost Savings Benefits of Single-Use
Single-use bioprocessing systems help manufacturers eliminate the significant costs of cleaning and validating pumps and systems. When transitioning from one batch to another, system operators must clean all parts in the production process and validate that they have been sterilized before manufacturing can resume. Single-use products eliminate the need for cleaning those parts by providing clean-room certified parts for quick and easy replacement. Not only does this reduce labor costs that would be spent on cleaning these systems, but it cuts down on your operation’s water use and downtime creating more benefits for your bottom line.

Single-Use Products Reduce Downtime
Being able to quickly replace used parts for sterilized parts significantly reduces downtime in the manufacturing process. Cleaning stainless steel is both cost-consuming and time-consuming. Stainless steel systems can take weeks to sterilize, but single-use suites can be production-ready in days.

Single-use products, like the EZ-Set Pump Chamber Replacing System from QuattroFlow, are built to be replaced in as little as 30 seconds, all without special tools or torque wrenches. Single-use enables quick changeovers between lots and increases utilization time, increasing the capacity of the facility.

Quality Control
In life sciences, ensuring product precision and purity is essential, hence the time and labor consumptive activities of cleaning and validating. For single-use assemblies and components that validation is dependent on the supplier. Single-use solutions are supposed to be ready-made for manufacturing. At Liquidyne, our disposable and single-use assemblies are produced in the only state-of-the-art, ISO-certified clean room in the state of Colorado. Single-use components eliminate the chance for cross-batch or cross-product contamination helping you deliver a quality-controlled product with every production cycle.

 Single-Use Suites Make Cents for Niche Manufacturers
Single-use products can enable efficiencies for manufacturers of all sizes, but one reason demand and adoption have increased in recent years reflect advancements in the biopharma industry at large. Biopharma manufacturing yields have improved as technology gets more precise, which reduces production volumes and makes smaller, single-use suites more practical. Single-use assemblies in biopharma are perfect for operations at this scale as it’s simple to set up and reduces downtime and costs between batches.

In need of a single-use solution?
We provide an array of pre-built and custom single-use assemblies and disposable components. Contact us today to learn more about single-use technology and how we can improve your life sciences operations. 

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