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Wheat Ridge, CO - Liquidyne Process Technologies, Inc, a leader in supplying pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing with single-use technology and sanitary process equipment, unveiled its new brand identity reflecting the company's commitment to transforming the customer experience within B2B commerce. Liquidyne's fresh look and feel represent a strengthening of its 29-year commitment to Making Life Better.  

Following the pandemic's start in December 2020, Liquidyne recognized the need to transform the experience and accessibility of critical elements of the pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing supply chain. In response, Liquidyne has adopted a technology focus on three core areas to fulfill customer needs – solution identification, acquisition, and support. With an unmatched ecosystem of the world's best-in-class manufacturers customers can rest assured that their mission-critical operations deliver on the demands of the world's health emergencies.  

The new brand identity reflects our commitment to simplifying the complexity of single-use and process equipment acquisition in the Life Sciences manufacturing industry to speed time to market.  

Chris Couper, Liquidyne's President & Founder, recently commented, "With the global demands on pharma and biotech to take the lead in supporting public health, we are compelled to focus on how our role within the supply chain can improve drug development, manufacturing, and delivery. Our rebranding marks a new Liquidyne both inside and out with a laser focus on customer experience. Lead by our core values of passion for people, pride in work, solution centricity, and fun, along with our strategic vision, will help life science manufacturers manufacture."     

Phase 1 elements of Liquidyne’s brand evolution include:  

New Website: As a prominent representation of the company, people, and brand, the new website is beautiful, clean, informative, and simple to navigate. Inspired by B2C eCommerce, the website allows for findability through industry process applications, search, and traditional navigation. Integrating an easy-to-use quote functionality, followed by more conventional eCommerce purchase functionality in Q2 of 2022, will streamline the often-complex procurement of pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment. 

New Brand Colors: The fresh new colors provide a calm and trusting framework for the sanitary nature of our products and the importance of decluttering the identification and procurement of equipment. 

New Brand Purpose Statement: Making Life Better 

New Niche Statement: We help Life Science Manufacturers Manufacture. 

About Liquidyne 

Liquidyne Process Technologies, Inc is a leader in single-use and sanitary process equipment for fluid transfer, measurement, and control. The company helps its customers keep their fluid transfer process clean, modern, efficient, and running smoothly. It also provides custom fabricated assemblies and distributed products, including single-use components, tubing, hoses, stainless, mixers, valves, pumps, and more. Liquidyne Process Technologies, Inc. is industry renowned for providing intelligently engineered solutions for sanitary process equipment, fluid handling, and quick, responsive, and knowledgeable service.  


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