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Pulsation Dampener: The Solution for Producing Consistent Biopharmaceuticals

Consistency is critical when it comes to the production of biopharmaceuticals. However, using positive displacement pumps can create pulsations in the fluid, which can negatively impact the production processes. To combat this issue, Malema has designed a single-use Pulsation Dampener that reduces variations in flow of critical biopharmaceutical media. In this blog post, we will look closer at Malema’s Pulsation Dampener and how it can improve your single-use pharmaceutical production processes.

Reducing Pulsation and Variations
Malema’s single-use dampeners are designed to reduce pulsation and variations in flow of critical biopharmaceutical media in processing and transfer applications. This is particularly important for production processes such as TFF and chromatography, which require tightly controlled flow rates and line pressures. By reducing the pulsations in the fluid, Malema’s Pulsation Dampener helps to produce consistent biopharmaceuticals.

Gamma-Stable to 50 kGy
The Pulsation Dampener is gamma stable to 50 kGy, making it suitable for many single-use applications. This means that you can be confident using Malema’s Pulsation Dampener for your biopharmaceutical production processes without worrying about any negative impact on the product.

Up to 95% Reduction in Peak to Peak Flow Pulsation
Malema’s Pulsation Dampener offers up to a 95% reduction in peak-to-peak flow pulsation, which ensures that your production processes are consistent and efficient. This is achieved by using all-plastic wetted surfaces that meet USP Class VI, USP 661.2, and USP 788 requirements, as well as a molded design that reduces shear and improves surface smoothness.

Wetted Fluid Path Made of Polyurethane and PEEK
The wetted fluid path of Malema’s Pulsation Dampener is made of Polyurethane and PEEK and meets USP Class VI, USP 661.2, and USP 788 requirements. This ensures that the product is safe for use in biopharmaceutical production processes. The Pulsation Dampener is available for line sizes from 1/4” to 1” ID, with hose barb or tri-clamp fluid connections, making it easy to fit into your existing system.

Pressure Rating to 90 psi
The Pulsation Dampener has a pressure rating of up to 90 psi (6 bar), making it suitable for various applications. This ensures you can rely on Malema’s Pulsation Dampener to maintain consistent flow rates and line pressures during biopharmaceutical production processes.

Malema’s Pulsation Dampener is a reliable and effective solution for reducing variations in flow of critical biopharmaceutical media. With its all-plastic wetted surfaces, molded design, and gamma stability, you can have confidence in the performance of this product. Whether you are a process engineer, buyer, scientist, or MRO manager, Malema’s Pulsation Dampener is a must-have for ensuring that your single-use pharmaceutical production processes are consistent and efficient.

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