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Membrane Technologies Inc. (MDI)

Filters and Membranes for Bioprocessing

Filters and Membranes for Bioprocessing

MDI is a global leader in the manufacture of filters for bioprocessing. With a strong commitment to excellence, quality and continuous improvement, MDI’s products are recognized as the premier membrane solutions for bioprocessing worldwide. All MDI manufacturing facilities follow Good Manufacturing Practices and are ISO certified. ISO certification is a globally recognized standard for quality management and covers MDI’s entire catalogue of filters, including all microporous and membrane-based products. This level of quality control is critical for hygienic processes found in biotech, biopharma, and other industries with stringent requirements or sterile applications. MDI filters are available in a variety of materials and sizes in order to meet a broad range of process and application types. They are easy to use at all stages of production, from formulation and process development to scale up and launch. MDI also offers single-use filtration solutions for enhanced sterility, especially in the biotech and biopharma industries which are rapidly adopting single-use solutions for almost all equipment types. Single-use filters can help to reduce costs and increase batch reliability and throughput.

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