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Mete Nova - High Power Magnetic Mixer

Innovative mixing technology - Metenova is a leading innovator and manufacturer of magnetic mixers for pharmaceutical and biotechnology use. We provide aseptic cutting-edge mixing technology for critical applications.

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High Power Magnetic Mixer

For powder and vigorous mixing applications

The Metenova High Power mixer's open design and high-power input make it perfect for breaking down lump forming powders, or rapid mixing of buffer solutions. The product's extensive volume range makes it ideal for a wide span of vessel sizes.

  • Magnetic shock absorber
  • Floating Zero-g bearing technology
  • High power mixing performance
  • Highest level of Aseptic design
  • Ease of use
  • Robust design
  • Designed for easy scale-up
  • Large volume span

Metenova High Power mixer's open design and powerful, fast-spinning Mix Head effectively break lumps and creates a homogenized solution in seconds.
The High Power mixer is made out of one piece which makes it very robust by design. It enables meeting the highest of demands on a upstream production and offers a speed of up to three times faster than other mixers.
The technology in the High Power mixer enables good mixing at large volume with a smaller mixer compared to other technologies. This provides both a very cost-efficient solution and a small footprint.

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