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Alfa Laval Control/Check Valves: SB Self-cleaning CO2 Valve

The Alfa Laval SB Self-cleaning CO2 Valve is a combination gas supply-gas vent valve to control the flow of carbon dioxide in tank top systems and other applications in order to vent and/or pressurize a vessel.

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SB Self-cleaning CO2 Valve

Safe, reliable operation
The straightforward design of this gas management valve, featuring an internal polypropylene valve body and stainless steel spring, provides long-lasting operation. By minimizing the risk of overpressure or under pressure, the valve contributes to safe, reliable operation and maximum uptime.

Hygienic self-cleaning valve
Manufactured of AISI 316L stainless steel, the valve features a special drilled opening in the valve body, which effectively cleans all valve parts during Cleaning-in-Place (CIP). This minimizes the risk of contamination. Alfa Laval 3.1 traceability certification is also available upon request.

    • Safe, reliable operation
    • Cost-effective hygienic design
    • Straightforward installation
    • Easy to clean

    The Alfa Laval SB Self-cleaning CO2 Valve uses a stainless steel spring to force open the internal polypropylene valve body, enabling the full flow of gas to pass through the valve in both directions. The introduction of CIP fluid through a special drilled opening in the valve body in a direction counter-current to the spring force pushes the internal valve body into closed position and ensures cleaning of all valve parts. The CIP flow is approximately 800-900 l/h, depending on the valve size. 

    The SB Self-cleaning CO2 Valve consists of a valve housing comprised of two parts held together by a threaded connection. Inside there is a valve body and a spring to keep the body in open position. A special drilled opening in the valve body ensures internal cleaning of the valve during Cleaning-in-Place (CIP). Typically positioned as an integrated part of the gas/CIP pipe at the top plate, the valve can be mounted at an angle of 45° (maximum) to the ideal vertical position.

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