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Bio-Simplex Tubing End Assemblies

Bio-Simplex tubing end assemblies are economically designed for single use. By eliminating the need for cleaning and the possibility of contamination from repeated use, they lower production costs and simplify validation.

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Bio-Simplex Tubing End Assemblies

These assemblies available with either molded or heat-sealed tubing ends are made from C-Flex pharmaceutical-grade thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) resin and are engineered to ensure an unobstructed fluid path and extremely low levels of extractables. Molded USP Class VI polypropylene tubing ends are molded directly to animal derived component free (ADCF) C-Flex TPE tubing in mini and standard tri-clamp configurations. Tubing ends are packaged and sold individually. C-Flex TPE tubing with heat-sealed ends provides a contaminate-free closed system. Customer-generated designs, sizes, packaging and other options are available on request.

  • Designed for single use
  • Molded or heat-sealed tubing ends available
  • Unobstructed fluid path
  • Extremely low levels of extractables
  • Easily used with sterile connecting devices and thermal tubing sealer

  • Aseptic transfer
  • Sterile processing
  • Sterile tube welding and connecting

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