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Quattroflow Diaphragm Pumps: Single-Use: QF30SU Q-Control

The design and operation of Quattroflow pumps solve many of the challenges faced by pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers. These pumps do not feature a mechanical shaft seal or wetted rotating parts, ensuring total product containment without abrasion and particle generation.

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Quattroflow 30SU Q-Control

Max. Flow Rate 30 lph

Single-Use Pump for Low Flow Rates Quattroflow has extended its Single-Use product line to the lower end. With a flow rate of 0.06 Ð 30 lph the QF30 has been developed for very low needed capacities. The complete Quattroflow pump range covers a flow capacity between 0.06 and 16,000 lph with eight pump sizes now available Ñ the right Quattroflow pump for all applications.

    The QF30SU offers the following main features and benefits:

    • Disposable pump chamber with tool-free installation
    • Retrofittable on QF150 drives
    • 500:1 turn-down ratio
    • Linear flow performance
    • 0.06 Ð 30 lph flow range, max. 4 bar (58 psi)
    • Analog input, 0-5 VDC
    • Available accessories: Power box, diaphragm sensor, PID pressure controller
    • Typical applications include

    Q-Control is an integrated pump controller for Quattroflow multiple-use and single-use pumps. It interfaces with a variety of flow and pressure sensors to provide user with automated control over their pump operations. With built-in smart control functions that no longer requires an external PLC, Q-Control leads to a new generation of Quattroflow biopharma pumps.

    Integrated pump controller that interfaces with different flow and pressure sensors

    • Smart control functions that usually require an external PLC
    • PID control mode for pressure- or flow-controlled pump operations
    • Autotune function to automatically find optimal PID parameters
    • Configurable alarms to stop the pump
    • Dispensing feature to automatically fill defined volumes of liquid
    • RS485 Modbus communication port
    • Trend data and alarm logging
    • Remote operation

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