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Sonotec Ultrasonic Inline Flow Meter - SONOFLOW IL.52

SONOFLOW® IL.52 for Precise Measurement of Low Volume Flow Rates in Pipes & Tubes

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Sonotec Ultrasonic Inline Flow Meter

The SONOFLOW IL.52 sensor is designed for precise, fast, and bidirectional measurement of ultra-low flow rates. Due to its instantaneous measuring method with high repetition rates, the ultrasonic inline flow meter is suitable for quick dosing processes and for measuring pulsating flows.

  • Highly accurate measurement of ultra-low flows
  • Quick measurement without any time lag
  • Independent of colour and electromagnetic characteristics of the liquid
  • Instantaneous response time
  • No wear and tear
  • Sterilizable

SONOFLOW® IL.52 Inline Flow Meter for Highly Accurate Ultra-Low Flow Measurement

  • Real-time flow measurement
  • Volume dosing / totalizer
  • Flow switch for controlling external devices

Robust & Maintenance-Free Sensor Design

Since the sensor is integrated into devices or machines and has direct contact with the medium, the parts in contact with the medium are made of high-grade PEEK material. Thus, the inline sensor is ready for sterilization-in-place (SIP), clean-in-place (CIP), and autoclave applications. In addition, the sensor impresses with its robust design, is wear- and maintenance-free and can be fitted in any position.
Excellent Measuring Performance

The SONOFLOW IL.52 monitors ultra-low flows reliably without being affected by the color and electromagnetic characteristics of the liquid itself:

  • Reliable measuring of ultra-low flows
  • Highly accurate (with an error of +/- 1%)
  • Highly precise (with a repeatability of +/- 1%)

Easy Data Evaluation and Process Integration

A serial interface allows an easy connection to a PLC or computer. Using the C³ Software tool allows an easy sensor parameterization & calibration and readout of measuring values. It is also possible to connect the sensor to the SONOFLOW RD.10 Remote Display for direct real-time monitoring.

  • Serial interface with RS-485 Modbus protocol
  • Freely configurable 0/4-20 mA current output
  • Freely configurable 0-20 kHz frequency output
  • Freely configurable impulse output
Measurement Principle
Measurement MethodFlow measurement with transit-time principle
MountingFixed installation
Measuring ChannelØ 3.0mm
Adaptor for Tube ConnectionLQ1: Outer thread, inner Ø 4mm
LQ3: Outer thread R1/8", inner Ø 4mm
UNF 1/4" - 28, inner Ø 4mm
Material: PEEK
Interfaces0/4 ... 20 mA, 0 ... 20kHz, 5 V digital, RS-485 (bus-capable), PNP/NPN/Push-Pull, digital input
Media Temperature0 ... +100 °C (T > 70 °C without voltage, temporarily +145 °C)
Ambient Temperature0 ... +70 °C
Protection ClassIP65
  • Biotech and pharmaceutical industry
  • Analysis technology
  • Dosing systems
  • Semiconductor industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Medical technology
  • Food industry

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