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Anderson - Negele Flow Meters: HMP-E Turbine Flow Meter

The HM-E / HMP-E turbine flow meter with noncontact pulse measurements is the reliable, precise, and economical alternative for mass flowmeters or electromagnetic flowmeters. HME / HMP-E is suitable for aqueous fluids such as filtered fruit juice or beer, alcohols, light oils, salt solutions, cleaning media, and acids, but also exhaust condensate, process water, demineralized water, and WFI.

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HMP-E Turbine Flow Meter


Measurement of flow rate and volume without conductivity in pharmaceutical applications

Ideal for dosing and filling applications

  • Cost-efficient and reliable alternative to magnetic-inductive mass flow meters
  • Compact design for difficult installations
  • Extended lifetime due to easy rotor exchange in the two-part housing
  • Hygienic design with 3-A certification

        • Measurement of flow and volume of pure, low viscous media in food and pharmaceutical applications.
        • Designed for hygienic applications in food-, beverage- and pharmaceutical
        • industries.

        • Process water, demineralized water, aqueous media such as filtered fruit juice or beer, alcohols, light oils, saline solutions, cleaning agents, and acids.
        • Hygienic design/Process connection
        • Hygienic design, confirmed by 3-A certification
        • 2-part housing ensures simple cleaning and maintenance
        • High media resistance due to stainless steel 316L and Rulonª bearings
        • Nominal widths according to ASME BPE and DIN 11850 Series 2
        • Universal clamp connection.

        • High quality and hygienic alternative to industrial, non-hygienic turbine, paddle wheel or variable area flowmeters
        • Economical alternative to mass flowmeters in non-conductive, low-viscosity media
        • Cost-effective and compact alternative to magnetic-inductive flow meters in applications that require a small probe

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